• Latched Relays

Latched Relays






No of



Voltage DC

No of coils

UC Class

IEC 62055-31


010: 10A S: 1contacts  06 : 6V  1: 1V  1: UC1
  050: 50A D: 2contacts  09 : 9V  2: 2V  2: UC2
  060: 60A T: 3contacts  12: 12V    3: UC3
  080: 80A    24: 24V    4: UC4
  100: 100A    48: 48V    
  120: 120A        
  200: 200A        

Latched relays are used to remotely switch ON and switch OFF supply output from the meter. It may have the single-coil option or a double coil option. In the single coil option, the (+) & (-) from DC supply is revered to switch ON and switch OFF. In the case of the double coil version, there is a common terminal (-) and (+) supply is connected alternately to the other 2 terminals for switching ON and OFF. Normally the signal is required for 30 msec to switch. We represent all global manufacturers and also do customization.